How many fad, low calorie, low carb diets have you tried? You lose the weight and gain it back, yo-yoing back and forth without consistency. That is not the answer. These types of diets will damage your metabolism and make it difficult to get back on track. STOP THE CYCLE. I will change the way you look at diets and food and help you bring back your Metabolism.
Re-Train Your Metabolism

Hi! I am Emily. I will be working with you over the next  courses to help you regain your energy, reset your metabolism and feel better than you ever thought possible. 

I opened a boutique gym in 2013 in Eau Claire, WI ( and have been helping clients meet their goals for years.

I will list my Certifications below but I think you will find the testimonials will speak louder than the years of education.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

Lets get started! The time is now!

  • Certified ISSA Fitness Trainer
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
  • Metabolic Specialist
  • Certified Zumba Instructor Basic 1 and 2
  • Certified Insanity Instructor
  • Certified AMPD Instructor
  • Certified Zumba Strong Instructor
  • Certified Boot Camp Instructor
  • Rhythmic Fitness Instructor
  • Styku Certified
  • Silver Sneakers (Yoga, Small group and Nutrition)

Client Testimonials

This could be you!


"I really had no intention of committing to a fitness route and changing my life in the way (this program) ultimately did for me. Slowly, I stopped showing up as a distraction for quitting smoking and started showing up because it feels awesome, the people had become friends, the trainers are family and there’s an undeniable energy when you come through the door. So many days being here is the highlight of my day. The pounds lost will never mean as much to me as all the other things I’ve gained since starting this journey."
100lbs lost! So many Gains!
You will get tips and tricks from Katy in my Courses!
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"This is me, now, after only 5 weeks. I stopped working out when I was 14 years old due to a heart condition. Had problems for years and never thought i would ever be able to be active again. This is me at 26. I got the push I needed and am healthier and happier than i have ever been. I used to eat once a day if that. Bar food, chocolate, pizza, and anything fried. I was not overweight, but my body felt awful and I had no energy at all. I totally changed my diet around to healthier smarter meals. I eat All the time now! I can eat like that because food is now my fuel instead of just a bored thing to do. First 3 weeks I worked with Emily. She kicked my ass into shape. Toning, a little cardio, and weights. Then I added in boxing. Something that I was never supposed to be able to do with all the cardio. It got me prepared and my body is still trying to go further. Everyday I am happier, healthier, and have way more energy. It's the best thing to ever happen to me and my 2 kids. Mommy can run with them and have energy for them again. ♡


"The results that I see are astronomical.  I only changed a few small things and I see big results over 8 weeks. Being I know quite a bit about nutrition, I thought that I had my crap together and after taking this class, I learned some things that helped me immensely!  So the results I see physically is that I became a lot more toned.  My muscles really are toning out nicely and I look ripped in my arms, legs, and abdomen!  While I had already lost the weight I wanted to from what I already knew, I never thought that I could rip out like this again in my life being I had flexed my weight so many times.. but I was proven wrong!  I can see definite definition in my muscles and I feel so happy about it!  I also feel better. I feel like I have more energy and I’m more hydrated..  I don’t have to use my chapstick as much.. I’m able to push through my workouts much easier even after a days worth of hard labor!  I sleep all the way through the night again, and I’m able to think much more clear (when I’m not stressed lol)!  I feel overall more healthy all around!"

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